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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Something amiss?

The side of gravy I had ordered with dinner yesterday didn't come from the kitchen, it came from the other side of the restaurant. I thought something seemed strange, but didn't say anything. The food did take an unusually long time to get to the table, and I think it is because of that that I can sort of rewind my memory from watching the kitchen and the waitress' ingress and egress. Something else though, is that this waitress has always seemed rather surly, but I just chalked it up to bad days, but then, after three or four times, it can't be that. Is it just us? I never said anything, as it was merely an observation. When she was taking our order, I heard her say the order wrong, so I pointed it out on the menu. She looked at it, she nodded. When aged father got his meal, it was the wrong one. Just a minor difference, but still, I had tried to clarify it with her the first time. Not a big deal, so he ate it anyways. Now... backtracking here,  before we got our food I was sort of drooling watching the plates of orders pop up on the kitchen warming area, anxiously awaiting ours. I heard the word gravy, and saw a side of gravy carried out by another waitress to the other side of the restaurant. I didn't think much of it, but I did notice it. When we received our order about five minutes later, there was no side of gravy, nor did she go to the kitchen to ask for it. A couple minutes later is when I saw her come from the other side of the restaurant with my side of gravy. Odd? I didn't think about it until early this morning... How long was that side of gravy sitting at someone else's table? Did that someone dip something in it? The other thing I noticed was an older lady sitting alone at a table with her back to the wall where the windowed kitchen area is. She had her eyes on. She would have seen that side of gravy. She was watching. She would have seen the waitress coming down the aisle towards her to bring me the side of gravy from the other side of the restaurant.


Jeanie said...

That's just plain TERRIBLE service. I hope you don't go there again. I hope the waitress didn't receive a tip, she needs to be reminded about manners. I wonder how many tables that gravy boat visited after you left? Times are tough, this must be cost saving measures (ugh).

Spockgirl said...

Ah... it is one of the places we always go... for years now. And she did still get a tip. Oh... and it wasn't an actual gravy boat, it was a small dish. I think a gravy boat might be more acceptable to "pass around"... sort of. Heh.