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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I have questioned my sanity officially on the blog before and as of late have been pondering the same once again in real life. However, the reason for me writing this isn't about my sanity, but for the simple fact that bananas seem to have been popping up in my recent blog travels. I am not particularly fond of bananas, however, I do enjoy them in desserts. Case in point, banana splits, mom's banana cream pie and a new addition to the list this year, Xangos. If on the rare occasion I do eat a banana on its own, it must be firm and slightly green, not soft and ripe. Hmm... I actually wasn't planning on writing about my taste in bananas, as I am more of an apple fan, but on that note, here's what I found in my travels:

 YouTube link

Oh... and a couple weeks ago I did another one of those stupid quizzes "What Flavour Smoothie are You?" I was expecting maybe Raspberry or Peach, but it ended up being .... banana.  I decided not to post the description because... it sounded a little too... mushy.

Update:  April 16 2011
Apparently NBC has snatched video access, so I found a link to a Romanian site:
Vezi mai multe din Funny pe
See if that works.


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I didn't really express it, but I really love this cartoon, for so many reasons. That slow-mo bit just about did me in.