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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who are you? Why are you here?

Sunday night I was starting to fall asleep to the soothing sounds of Nine Inch Nails, which I hadn't listened to in a while. The song that caught my attention years and years ago is one that I can't post here. They weren't a perennial favourite, but did remain in the periphery over the years. When the movie "Wanted" (2008) came out, the song "Every Day is Exactly the Same" was featured in it. I remember it is one of the rare occasions when I actually watched a movie in a theatre...  It was cheapy day.. and a double-feature... so for $5.00 admission I had watched "Hellboy 2" and "Wanted". Oddly enough, in the theatre setting, I was blown more away by the second movie rather than the first.  Although in retrospect it was probably because I was stuck on the fact that Mr. Tumnus had such big blue eyes and chose to play such a different role. I also couldn't get over David O'Hara being miles away from his role in "The Matchmaker" (1997)... and that another favourite actor, Thomas Kretschmann, a tall, cool German drink of water, got to play a more active part... even though, as usual he had very few lines.

Funny thing the way my memory works... when I had watched the movie "Doom" (2005 with the Rock and Karl Urban), there was a great song by NIN featured as well... "You Know What You Are". In the case of both movies... at different times, I knew I had heard the songs somewhere. I went rooting through my CD drawer both times and found that I had the CD with those songs on it.

Anyways, I had started watching "Wanted" the other day, and one of the lines "I don't know who I am." came back to me. Wesley has been constantly beaten down and when at last they break him and ask "Who are you? Why are you here?" His answer is "I don't know who I am."

Every Day Is Exactly the Same

You Know What You Are    (Warning:  Includes language not suitable for delicate ears.)

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