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Friday, September 17, 2010


These are just some random questions and comments (well, just one comment) that people have directed to me (not all this year), and for some reason, stand out in my mind:

1. How come other people your age look so old? (male, 12)
2. You have a lot of muscles. (female, 50ish)
3. Do you have any pot? (female)
4. Does poetry have perfect words? (male)
5. Do you want to buy some pot? (female)
6. Do you want to race? (male, 10ish)
7. Do you know where I can get some pot? (female)
8. How old are you? (female 60ish)
9. Do you have a light? (male 30ish)
10. How old are you? (female 30ish)
11. Would you like to go on vacation with me? (This question was presented to me by a total stranger (male 60ish). There is a creepy story to accompany it.)

After you read those, consider this:

1. I don't frequent bars;
2. I don't go to "parties";
3. I don't "workout";
4. I don't smoke (or toke).

Go figure eh?
And, yes, I know.... this post is definitely deviating from the norm again. It may very well end up being one of those things I write and end up questioning my sanity.


Drake Sigar said...

Welcome to the Internet. :)

Anonymous said...

Sanity is overated! :)

Frankly Opinionated said...

Just write it, and let US question your sanity.

Spockgirl said...

Thanks all for commenting. I only started questioning my sanity this year.
Something to ponder, or perhaps not: 7 of these were from total strangers, 3 from casual acquaintances and 1 from a related party. Hmmm...

Kristina Divine said...

I had one of my kids ask me if I signed the Declaration of Independence. Later that day I had to convince a checker at the store mu ID was not fake. I mean if I was going to have a fake ID I would have made my birthday somewhere in the 1980's!
I'm so confused....

Spockgirl said...

At least your kid didn't ask you what kind of dinosaurs were around when you were young...
Yeah, the ID thing is weird, but flattering don't you think?

Kristina Divine said...

In order to curb further age related comments from my kids, I told them one of my friends baby sat Jesus, now they are not concerned with my age anymore =)

I'd like to think of the ID situation as a compliment, but really think the guy was bored. I mean I think I look good for my age, but lets not get carried away! LOL.