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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So.... I have had the blog for over a year now and I think that I struggled with it around the six month mark as well as near the first anniversary...  I've run the gamut from wanting to say nothing, to simply posting photos, to sharing things I didn't think I could, to just writing and posting whatever the heck I wanted. I never thought too much about who would read my blog or why, and that tied together with the relative anonymity I have here has somehow allowed me, with the seemingly slow passage of time, to become more willing to write on a personal level.  If I recall correctly, I think it was just after I got over the first obstacle of "I don't know if I want to keep doing this." and decided to just go for it, that I added the free site counters to the blog just on a lark. I believe that Blogger had added "Stats" somewhere a few months before that, around July, but I hadn't really paid much attention to the "traffic sources" and "search words" until a short while ago. It is rather fascinating that the most popular post is "Chainsaws and Bagpipes", due mostly to people from the U.S. and different countries in Europe clicking on the photo of a chainsaw that I had taken.  As for search words, it worries me just a little that someone actually entered "average weight of an imp" into a search engine, and it saddens me that another felt poorly enough to type "my life is redundant" into Google and found my blog. The other three phrases of recent note are a tad more hopeful, and they happen to be lines that I had quoted in a couple of movie reviews I had posted.

"maybe the universe will bring us together again"
"unlikely you can ever again be"
"I have kept this as proof one small adjustment"

I also recall that someone actually found their way here by searching for "Oops"...  and that was a person with an IP at a University somewhere in the Middle East.


Harvey said...

The best part about blogging is the people you meet via the comments section.

The second best part is checking your traffic sources and discovering the strange and beautiful ways that people find your site.

Although this second part actually tops the first part on those rare occasions when you post helpful advice and it turns out someone found that post because it was exactly what they needed.

Spockgirl said...

Technically, if I hadn't gone outside my personal parameters and posted comments on other blogs, I find it highly doubtful that anyone would have found my blog TO post comments. So...I am still just amazed and appreciative that people actually do read and do comment.