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Thursday, April 21, 2011

This neck of the woods?

Seems I have sort of come full circle in my blog travels, having initially encountered blogs relating to cycling on my first few forays into bloghopping last year.  Somewhere in the middle I ended up in Scotland, finding this, and today on a new blogstop called "The Borderline Sociopathic Blog for Boys", I found this:

The terrain and the trail building bit seemed oddly familiar, although I would never, ever dream of  riding on such a run. I noticed that the vid showed the kids (I use that term loosely as I get older) names and "Coast, BC"...  so I then went looking for to find out where exactly they were from.. and found this video here.

This province is beautiful. I have always known this. Every chance I could get I used to be outside walking, biking or doing something, but now, it would just be nice if I could actually get my heart pumping enough to go out and enjoy it. Kinda makes me wonder what happened to the me who I was.


thormoo said...

Yea I really am fascinated by this stuff. And there are hundreds of videos out there. I love how they create these intricate, multi-dimensional works of art on these mountainsides. And they are all wood, and though they are man made creations they fit into the natural landscape.

This kind of riding/lifestyle has become a way of life. I enjoyed both videos, the first one I've seen but the second one I hadn't and it is really fascinating. Of course the wealthy, yuppie, etc are buying up Mother Nature which is sad but it is beautiful to see. So much of that land is still old growth forest.

I visited a friend quite some time ago who lived in Bellingham, WA, way up near the border w/Canada and spent some time hiking up there...gorgeous. Thanks for posting this!

I truly believe that the You that Was is still the You that Is. Circumstance, life changes us outwardly but the essence of who you are is the same.

Sometimes as people I think we can get caught up in measuring ourselves against our achievements from the past. Those expectations of ourselves are in my opinion not entirely realistic for a myriad of reasons..not sure it's an entirely fair comparison because we change. But I certainly can understand the frustration of not feeling the energy a person expects to feel...

Spockgirl said...

Thanks T.
I did notice a lot more videos posted, but only watched a couple. On the Coastal Crew blog there was a gorgeous bit of the guys skiing in BC. I don't ski, but... still way cool to watch.

As for the "me who I was" bit... It is more of a brain malfunction than lack of energy. Technically I should just get out there... but, for whatever reason... I just don't seem to have the heart for it anymore. This has on many occasions prompted me to ask that question "What the hell is wrong with me?".

thormoo said...

Oh boy, THAT pesky question. That is a challenging one and I have had reason once or perhaps to to ask myself it as well!

Spockgirl said...

Yes... THAT pesky question. Naturally followed by "Why can't I just...?" In the end it all boils down to "do or die".