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Friday, April 8, 2011

Little Evil Mini-me Eeyore

This morning... seems so long ago. So long ago, yet it feels like yesterday, but it was only this morning. If you are reading that and are slightly confused, that is perfectly normal. And, no I'm not confused either, it was simply to demonstrate how little, or how much things can change in a short period of time. Case in point, this morning, that so long ago I woke up feeling like a sack of potatoes... an immovable object, unwilling and incapable of moving on its own.  However, unlike a sack of potatoes, there is, somewhere within this bag... a brain. Somewhere. Somehow that brain is capable of conjuring up an image or a word or thought or song at any given time that can instill in that body the desire to move regardless of how much the body is unwilling... or how much it protests. That movement can be something as small as a smile or yawn which can set off a chain reaction to actual mobilization. I admit that my transformation isn't quite as pronounced as going from Eeyore to Tigger, but surprisingly not far off. The sun was out and it felt like spring... which somehow can add a spring to one's step...  As I was returning from a brisk walk to the Post Office and bank, I found myself humming a song. But it wasn't really humming... it was in between humming and singing, in between saying the number "two" and the word "do" instead of the actual words. I had to do a double-take as I realized what exactly I was humming...  no... it wasn't Korn this time.... I found myself humming... Static X...  I raised an eyebrow at myself, chuckled and headed home with an evil grin on my face.

And... yes... I have categorized this post under the Little Evil Mini-me.... and normally I would post a link to a song, however... the song in question is fraught with profanity.


Harvey said...

As a matter of blog etiquette, you ARE allowed to link profanity-laced items, as long as you warn readers first, so they can scoot innocent eyes and ears out of the room.

Spockgirl said...

Certainly, blog etiquette understood, however in my case it is for those few people (adults) in my life who read here and their innocent, delicate ears that I did not post a link to this particular song. You would probably hear the jaws dropping yourself if I did.