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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

U.S. Coast Guard ... say what?

Hmm.... here I go again. What the heck am I posting this for? I found the blog "EagleSpeak" by linking to it through a comment on another blog. On that particular day there was an extremely cool vintage ship's menu posted, and since then I have been popping back there to read. Today, the post was regarding the U.S. Coast Guard's top eleven videos of 2010, and of course, I linked over to watch them on YouTube.

One of the selections got me to thinking... oh no, me thinking again. I am quite certain that I went for a ride in a helicopter once when I was a little kid, but... I don't remember anything other than that. I do know for sure that I have always had a great affinity for water.  There have been times when I felt more at home in it than outside of it. So...something about the helicopters hovering over the ocean struck me. All my life, I never really thought much about what would be a cool thing to do... but for some reason, jumping out of a helicopter into the ocean and swimming to save someone's life might just be one of THE coolest things ever. 

Don't know what else to say...  vote for your favourite video or pop over to the YouTube link to crank up the number of views, or "like" it or whatever.

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