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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Someone asked me to do another one of these silly quizzes, being that her result was Mac and Cheese, which even though it is a comfort food, is a rather weird side dish. The quiz was What kind of Thanksgiving Side Dish are you?  I know Thanksgiving is over, but so is Christmas... so what the heck.

You Are Green Beans

Some people make a big fuss over you, but you're best when you're at your simplest.

You have a fresh, crisp outlook on life. You are lighthearted, and you don't like to be weighed down by anything.

You enjoy being out in nature, and you wish that more people appreciated the simple beauty of a home cooked vegetable.

You are a thoughtful and spiritual person. You wish more people would spend time on Thanksgiving thinking about what they're thankful for.


Big Sister said...

Mac and Cheese(for Thanksgiving?)
"You may not be the first person people think of at Thanksgiving, but you're always the first one they think of when times are tough.
You are there for people in the best and worst of times. You know how to be supportive and understanding."

Spockgirl said...

Jeez Louise did you even read the first sentence of the post?