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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another slippery fish...

Whatever happened to books... books that you learned to read from. Was in a store yesterday and there was a kid reading a book... There were the usual pictures and words in said book, but also buttons that you press in order to hear the words to match the pictures, and to form sentences. Sounds all well and good. One of the sentences that came out upon the kid pressing the buttons? "The cat danced with the slippery fish on the moon." (I liked that one.) How about, "My teacher sat on the toad in the spaghetti." I can't remember the one with the cow, but it was pretty damn funny. Kids formative years... when they are most absorbent and receptive to learning... Sigh.


DaveO said...

The Police song is "Wrapped Around Your Finger." I was, however, thinking of Oddyseus. Another classic from the world of printed books.

I have a large collection of books that exist in boxes that fill a garage, and several closets and bookshelves. My co-workers have collections that reside on a tablet, or Kindle.

But, break the Kindle, lose the library. As for me: more of a Farnham's Freehold concept - books will always retain value.

As for the pain - my own experience is the opposite. I don't envy the numb, I had meds that gave me a completely flat affect, and it sucked worse than a Dyson with attitude.

On the flip side, inflicting pain in order to feel anything is like stripping a screw - you can't get any tighter, and you can't get the screw out without significantly damaging the wood.

Planning on going to see "ParaNorman"? Looks pretty cool! :D

Spockgirl said...

I think I sort of knew that it was from classic literature or mythology, but not Oddyseus... Maybe Odysseus. I believe Oddyseus wrote really poorly plagiarized children's books. The song is what came to mind immediately. Of course, couldn't remember the title either, but now that you mention it, it is coming back.

Ah... you have a thing for books too eh? I don't think I could ever get into e-Readers or Kindle or whatever, but you never know.

As for numbness... Have to be careful with that... There are varying degrees... the worse of which being... well... dead fish.

Excellent analogy.

Haven't seen the trailer for ParaNorman, but will check it out.

Spockgirl said...

Sigh... I HAD seen the trailer before. Completely forgotten about it. I might have even sent the link to someone when I first saw it.