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Thursday, September 13, 2012

So I Googled the words...

"what am i going to do with my life". I clicked on the third one down because the name caught my eye and the caption said "18 ways to try and answer the question what am I going to do with my life". Of course I am always rather skeptical about such things, but as with most things I am skeptical about, I look anyways. In this particular case, there might be some valuable insight or motivational factor. You never know. So there was a list, and I copied and pasted the list here, and I started to go through the list and write my comments. When I got to the last one, my response would be: My plan is to get another job so I can pay my bills and die. Someone might read that and think that I'm oversimplifying or joking. The thing is... I'm not. Looking at those words, I realized that they rendered the previous seventeen points redundant. You need to want something in order to live. You need to want something more in order to change your life. The moment you cease to want something, you cease to live. Aye, and there's the rub indeed.

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