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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Of surprises and sentimentality


When I first looked at this last photo, I didn't see it.

From the batch of stuff I brought back from the old house the other day, I was sorting through some more old photos I had taken from the mid to late 90s and came across these. I didn't realize that I had captured a butterfly with the old camera, which is why I suppose I was so surprised when I got these a couple years ago with the cellphone. Pretty cool.

Speaking of surprises... When I was going through the closet at the old house, I found one of those Bradford Exchange plate boxes addressed to my mom. I opened it up and noticed just a red bird... a Cardinal... Closed the box and set it aside. When I started to pack things up into my boxes to bring home, I just happened to look at it again... more closely... I brought it out of its box, and there was a cat curled up sleeping in the birdhouse on the fence, just below where the Cardinal was perched... Looked just like my cat (and something he would have done) who had died /had to be put down earlier the same year my mom had passed away. I am thinking that she must have ordered it to give to me for Christmas and had hidden it away. Oh... and in one of the other bedrooms, there were three of the Christmas presents I had wrapped up to give to her that year. I wonder what is in the boxes. As for the plate, spoke with aged father and big sister about it. I'm going to wrap it up and put it under the Christmas tree from mom to me. I know... it is too early to be thinking about Christmas, but oh well... Of course, finding all the old family pics and stuff didn't help in that department. I think I'm getting a wee bit sentimental as I get old.

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