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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project Valour IT 2012

Hmm... When I took part in this fundraiser two years ago, this was the final result. This year the total raised was just over $25,000. Now that is a huge drop. I did notice that this time around not many blogs had the "in your face" donate widget and I don't think there were as many bloggers participating as before on each "team". It isn't just that times are tough all over, or the current controversy, but that perhaps bloggers are becoming a dying breed? I know there are defections to Facebook, but still, that would be a useful tool as well for this type of project. Who knows. I was a little late to the party on both accounts, only having started my own blog in March, 2010. I do feel as though I'm winding down from this whole blogging thing, but the same could be said for life as well, so maybe it is just a general trend... I don't know. There needs to be fuel, or a spark, but for me, the light simply seems to be fading.

Update: Oh... and yes, I had the widget up top, front and center and then moved it to the sidebar when the fundraiser was officially finished. I just removed it from the sidebar, but after I did so I realized that I should have kept it posted here. I'm sure you can still help out if you wish. Ah... I did have it saved elsewhere.

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