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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Better or worse?

Another photo I took in the 90s I think... The first one is "as is", the second auto-corrected.
Still lacking for words (meaningful words, not this drivel) ... now also lacking for brain activity. Lately, still or again. Thought I had a reaction to something I ate the other night, but has blossomed into something else. Runny nose, sneezing, headsquish, hot/cold spells, feeling out of sorts, but actually not that bad. Felt like eating oatmeal, but I used up the last package a week or so ago. Popcorn is all gone. So... I roasted a jumbo jumbo marshmallow over candle flame. It took twelve minutes. It was just too fat, so I put it in a mise-en-piece bowl and nuked it for not quite ten seconds. I must say it is rather cool watching a jumbo marshmallow in a wee clear glass bowl puff up in the microwave. So I experimented Smore style. I tried part of it with a small piece of Lindt Dark Chili Chocolate on soda crackers. Not bad... Then I decided to twirl up some of the melted marshmallow innards and roast that... Very cool... Caramelized marshmallow. Tried that with a dab of peanut butter on a soda cracker and a piece of that chocolate... Nice. When I said jumbo jumbo marshmallow, I wasn't kidding either. I had enough from one marshamallow for three smores. By the third one, I had goop on my hands and face. Now that was kinda fun.
I noticed the other day that I am way, way down in the number of blogposts I did this month. Clear indication of lacking thoughts, ideas, words. Just haven't been feeling it. Haven't been feeling much of anything I guess. (Wow... I just checked and this is the lowest number of posts in a month since November 2010, when the blog was just nine months old.)

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