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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mixed Nuts

The holidays, Steve Martin, a suicide hotline, Rita Wilson, a serial killer, Juliette Lewis, a fruitcake, Liev Schrieber, a fruitcake, Adam Sandler, Madeline Kahn, Anthony Lapaglia, Jon Stewart, Parker Posey... all wrapped up in a movie by Nora Ephron called "Mixed Nuts". One of my faves from 1994. I had been thinking of doing one of my "non-review" reviews for a while, and thought I had started one, but I guess not. This is a neat, tidy package of an hilarious mess.
Oh, the reason this came up again was because of this stupid song, in light of where I've been lately.


DaveO said...

Have missed your review. "Mixed Nuts" sounds familiar to a movie put out recently. Going to review "Hotel Transylvania"?

Spockgirl said...

I recommend watching "Mixed Nuts" around the holidays just for fun, especially if one is lacking in social activity.

I had seen a clip of Hotel Transylvania a while back, but hadn't given it much thought. Didn't even know Sandler was in it. I'm still not spending any money on movies in theatre OR on DVD, so most likely not. Although, it would be great to watch something new for laughs.