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Monday, August 20, 2012

White Roses


Iceberg roses from my garden the other day. Yes, I am totally aware of the black spots on the leaves. Yes, I am aware that blackspot is  a disease. I was thinking of not using the picture because of that, but... upon further thought, and considering the previous post, I think it seems fitting.


The white rose represents Unity,
Virtue, Honour and Reverence,
and is a symbol of Remembrance.

It is considered an expression of
spiritual Love and Respect.


To honour the fallen since last time:

NZ (5)
UK (3)
U.S. (North Carolina (2), Massachusetts (2),
       Pennsylvania,   Oregon,  California (9),
       New York (3),  Virginia,   Michigan (3),
       Wyoming,  Idaho,  Georgia,  Texas (3), 
       Florida (2), Ohio

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