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Monday, August 20, 2012

Something on my mind...

On August 10, 2012, six US Marines were killed. Two separate attacks, same province (Helmand) in Afghanistan. Not IED or RPG related, both taking place while on base. Three were killed by an Afghan teenage boy. Three were killed by an Afghan Police Commander and his cohorts, not by someone masquerading in an Afghan Police uniform either. In the second incident, from what I have read around the news, they were at a dinner meeting to discuss security measures with their Afghan counterparts and were shot and killed by them, who fled from the scene. Both incidents are under investigation.

This isn't anything new, but it is becoming more blatant. It also isn't just U.S. troops... British, Australian (not just one incident either), French, German. There's more, but those are just the links that I found rather hastily this morning. I searched out the ones that I remembered hearing about in the past year or so, and I wanted to use different news sources for each.

Hmm... I need to say something here. I'm not going to vent on the first incident however. The second one I have thought a great deal about. This was a 29 year old Capt, a 31 year old Gunnery Sgt and a 27 year old Staff Sgt... USMC... Look at those ranks. These weren't some fresh, green, newbies. There was obviously a sense of trust placed in their company and confidence in themselves. "Come... sit my friend. Eat." This was a deliberate and calculated murder. In my humble opinion of course. That is all.


DaveO said...

No, they were disarmed. If they had their sidearms, they were not allowed to keep them ready to fire. It was homicide, aided and abetted by Political Correctness.

When I did their job, the higher officers insisted my mates and I likewise disarm. Me no hable Anglais s'il-vous plait.

Spockgirl said...

I was going to use "homicide", but it is too big of a word for me, therefore I opted for "deliberate and calculated murder" in simple terms. Oh, and that ridiculousity of being unarmed-disarmed, yeah... dat's bullshit. (Pardon my language.) Sooooo... what you are saying is... you didn't follow orders? Tsk, tsk.

DaveO said...

I used the loophole of conflicting orders to advantage after being ordered outside the wire without a single round.

Officers have an obligation to win at any cost so long as the Taliban paid every cent of that cost :)