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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


At some point whilst I was writing the previous post, I honestly thought it was going to be my last. At some point, I actually felt like vomiting. Literally. I haven't gone to bed yet either. I still don't feel right. But then I realize it wasn't just because I wrote it, but that I was having an allergic reaction. To something I ate. I could feel the tiny bumps on my back and arms, my throat at first itchy and then constricted. It has happened a few times before, but I hadn't yet been able to pinpoint what causes the reaction. I have a better idea now.

Other than that, my eyes feel slightly bloated, but look fine, and I'm sleepy, but something is keeping me up. There's something else that is bothering me in the back of my mind. A breach of trust. It is very rare that I get pissed off. And... that... did. Several hours have gone by and that has now passed. There is nothing I can do to correct the damage done. I should just go back to not saying anything to anyone. Now all I can do is worry.

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