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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sitemeter Server Snafu???

Well... since Sitemeter changed servers, something is wrong with the way it picks up visitors. Now it appears that it is recognizing one universal IP address for me and several of my regular and irregular visitors, much like the "googlebot" ones. I know nuthin... Before, I had it set to ignore visits from my own IP address. I went in and checked and they added an option to ignore visits from "this browser", so I just did that, but now am wondering if it will then ignore everyone who visits using the same browser, or just me. Again... I know nuthin...

Can't really complain, after all it is a free service, but still... As I said I hardly get any visitors, so it is was a little cool at first glance to see the IP addresses I recognized. Maybe they just changed it so that people will upgrade to a paid service?

Here's a screenshot:


Harvey said...

I actually use the paid service at Sitemeter for tracking traffic at

During the switchover last weekend, we lost about 12 hours of visitor data, and tracking was little wonky early in the week, but they seem to have worked the bugs out.

Spockgirl said...

I noticed yesterday that it seemed to be back to normal again, except that the counter on the blog is out of sync with what shows in the Sitemeter record. Today the onscreen counter shows 157 more visits than the total shown internally.

Regardless, no biggie, as traffic was never my deal.