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Thursday, August 2, 2012


I was in what I thought to be the old house, but the interior was different, more like an empty castle, and it was rather dark, lit only by sparse candlelight. There were a couple people who I thought were family members with me. There seemed to be a strange, lingering evil presence with us, but that which I somehow knew was able to pass between the others in the house. I was then standing with two people, talking to one of them who had a piece of paper in her hand. Everything seemed to be fine for the moment, but ... tense... I thought we were discussing instructions of some sort, but as that person was reading from it, I saw and felt something coming towards me... flying at me... from out of her face as she spoke. Her face, but with dead black eyes and her hands reaching out to grasp my throat. My voice was gone. I woke up trying to scream or do something with my vocal chords... I don't quite know, but my throat was tight. I turned the light on... It was 3:38AM. I had gone to bed around 2:30. It seemed as though hours had passed.

(This was from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Wasn't going to post it because it was intense and weird.)

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