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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Suicidal thoughts?

Don't do it.
Your life is worth more than that.
You are worth much more than that.

Write those words down on a piece of paper. Write it down and read it when you are angry, frustrated, tired and numb, when you feel lost and alone with nowhere else to go. Write it as many times a day as you want. Write it often. Write it on a piece of paper and tape it to the bathroom mirror. Write it on another piece of paper and tape it to the fridge door. Write it down and read it every chance you get.

Yes, these are very simple words for a very complex issue, and I will explain further.


Kristina Divine said...

I believe your message here is kind of a "fake it until you mean it" strategy, but I'm not sure it will work with this topic. Suicide is all emotion based (in my opinion) which means more is needed to overcome the thoughts, feelings, and urges.
I know with the few friends I have who have contemplated suicide, it wasn't what they felt that brought them back. It was knowing someone else would hurt at their passing. (Not that this is always successful.)
Having a spouse die in this fashion brings on all kinds emotions, if you're interested in this view point you should check out Wife Of A Wounded Marine here
She brings a face to the person left behind, and she does it with grace and dignity.

Spockgirl said...

I went through a personal experience which I cannot explain on this forum.

What I wrote was simple and elementary and I realized that. There are so many factors involved with the journey towards suicide, that this does seem ridiculous. I agree with your comments, and yes, I have read Wife of a Wounded Marine as well as a few other beautifully written and moving personal accounts of surviving military spouses.

However, I wrote these very simple words moreso for the many someones who don't have anyone, at all. Sometimes the mind takes you to places you didn't know you could go, and sometimes the simplest task becomes the most difficult thing to do. I at some point may be able to expound on that, but not at this time.

Spockgirl said...

I have thought about your comment a little more and have a few things to say:
1. I don't consider suicide to be a "topic". If it was just a topic, I wouldn't be writing about it;
2. What you have expressed here is sympathy;
3. What I am expressing is empathy.
4. I hope to write further regarding sympathy and empathy in short order.

You have heard the term "Think globally but act locally"? You have to start small... one step at a time... one person at a time. I'm 99% sure that any military veteran contemplating suicide is not blogging about his or her experience, and definitely will never see these words. By the same token, I am 99% sure that somewhere in the world there is a teenager or young adult who IS reaching out in such a manner, trying to find a connection to something which they cannot find in their lives. So for however remote a possibility, my words stand. You have to start somewhere.