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Saturday, September 18, 2010


I called this one "Popcorn" , but for some reason it reminded me of something else. I finally figured out that I had visualized it in black and white, without the tree and the roofline, and it reminded me of WWII documentary footage of bombing missions in Europe. The clouds reminded me of the flak from anti-aircraft guns, but it probably wasn't this concentrated. Did I remember the visual correctly? I don't know. If I did remember correctly, I have no idea why I remember this instead of a lot of stuff from my own life. The mind is indeed a mysterious thing.

I went online just now, looking for something to confirm my very limited memory of this, as it could just be something from a war movie I saw when I was younger. I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, but I did discover that September 7 , 1940 was when the Germans first began their bomb runs to England (70 years ago), and I also found this, which is close to what I was thinking of.

For those of you who "know" me and are reading this and wondering.... No I have not gone off my rocker. Seriously. I'm letting the links lead me where they may.


Drake Sigar said...

I'd like to think Mario is up there somewhere, cursing as he tries not to fall jumping from cloud to cloud.

Southern Class said...

Only yesterday, as I visited with an 88 year old friend, who was a B-17 Crewman, we looked as Anti-Aircraft puffs of smoke that looked amazingly like your clouds, except that they were black while the clouds are white. If he can e-send that photo to me, I will forward it to you.

Spockgirl said...

Thanks for visiting. Hmmm... cute visual. ps: I like your email moniker.

That's the thing... all the footage and photos are in black and white. If the bombers did day runs, is this what it would have looked like below cloud cover on a clear day?

Southern Class said...

Spockgirl, just change the white, cottony puffs of cloud to black and you have the smoke of "Ack Ack", as those heroes called it. Insert a B-17 or a Liberator or two or three in the scene and it could well have been over Europe back then.