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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I've gone soft.... Movie Reviews

Wait a minute..... not that kind.

Just so you know, if I watch two movies in one night, one of them had better be an action movie..... Hold on a sec.... this is why I think I've gone soft.... I watched TWO chick flicks in one night, AND I actually enjoyed the soft and gooey one instead of the overacted one.

Honey, what should we watch, "The Back-Up Plan" or "Leap Year"? Oooh..... how to dodge that bullet.

"The Back-Up Plan" Single woman (Jennifer Lopez) doesn't have what she wants so she goes and gets it for herself, then she magically gets a guy (Alex O'Loughlin) and a relationshp she thought she didn't want, finds out she's pregnant, then she changes her mind and doesn't want the guy, pushes him away, asks him back, then magically ends up with guy, babies and still maintaining her own business. On the flip side, single guy meets a girl, gets more than he bargained for, questions whether it is worth it, worries about all the money, gets pushed away, then gets asked back, then magically ends up with the gal, babies AND enough money to start his own business. Humourously over the top modern day fairy tale.

"Leap Year" Young woman (Amy Adams) thinks she has everything she wants, but one. She follows her boyfriend (Adam Scott) to Ireland to ask him to marry her, goes through hell and high water, hires a disagreeable Irish chap (Matthew Goode) to drive her to meet her boyfriend, becomes both irritated and attracted to the Irish guy, meets up with her boyfriend who asks her to marry him before she has to ask him, they go back to their fabulous, posh new apartment in Boston, she realizes she has everything she thought she wanted, but not the one thing she needs. The ending is gorgeous, but with an extra scene tacked on at the end. Understated modern day fairy tale with character.

Hmm... Hard to tell.... I was thinking anyone under 30 would definitely have a better time watching "The Back-Up Plan", but it might actually be anyone under 40? Of course, it gets bonus points for having Alex O'Loughlin charming and shirtless, but still...I picked the rough and tumble romance of Ireland in "Leap Year". Like I said, I've gone soft. Hopefully for most people these two choices will never come up at the same time.

So.... fast forward a week to the next two movies I just watched, one being the WORST movie EVER MADE (seriously) and the other perhaps one of the most beautiful. It is funny how the two movies comparatively speaking are the Title of one of them, "Beauty and the Beast". The other was "Young Victoria". Reviews coming soon.

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