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Thursday, September 16, 2010


War of the Worlds?


(Sorry for poor quality photos.... again.)


Frankly Opinionated said...

One of the plethora of things that I appreciate about living out here in the country is that I can see the natural beauty without the manmade interferences, such as lampposts. But the bottom photo looks good even with the lamppost. (I know that the lamppost is a focal point, but I like the background.)

Spockgirl said...

There is background up the wazoo here. These two photos are actually different from what I usually take because of the fact that the manmade creature is the focal point.

I have a few photos posted on the blog, but I also have a web album that I have NOT made public as of yet, because I am not pleased with the quality of the photos. Compared to what I "used to" take when I was younger and had a "real" camera, these photos...(how can I say this)... suck.

Southern Class said...

While I love my Sunshine State of Florida, and its beautiful coastal area, Spockgirl, your area is exceptionally beautiful as well. Having a cross country trucking background, I know your area well, and have enjoyed every minute of the windshield view while I was there. Are you near the Pacific Coast, or inland? Both are beautiful, but the roar of the Ocean against the coast is AWESOME!

Spockgirl said...

Hmm... have I come to the correct conclusion that Frankly Opinionated and Southern Class are one and the same gentleman?
SC: Long haul huh? I cannot hear the roar of the ocean from here, but I don't have far to go to hear the rush of the river. If I ever get my old photos scanned in I will definitely post some of them.