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Friday, September 24, 2010

"Date Night"

Movie Review:

OK, so I watched this movie quite a while back and put the review on the back-burner. Because of this, it seems to be slipping farther away from being posted as each day passes. No biggie, but I can't just not finish it.

This one was directed by Shawn Levy, also known for Night at the Museum (I and II) and the Pink Panther (the one with Steve Martin).

Premise: A married couple with two kids takes one night each month (?) for just the two of them to go out on a "date". They decide to do something different for a change and....

What makes this one worth watching? 1. The understated Steve Carell (for some reason I always see him as the over-caffeinated squirrel from "Over the Hedge"); 2. Onscreen reactions to Mark Wahlberg without a shirt; 3. Steve Carrell and Tina Fey- Pole Dance - 'nuff said; 4. Common, man of few words who attended the Ice Cube school of acting - heck, he should have been cast in the Mark Wahlberg role; 5. Outtakes.

Please take note that I watched this movie quite some time before the Back-Up Plan, so I have to admit that technically speaking Mark Wahlberg shirtless is not quite up to par as Alex O'Loughlin in the same state of undress. Not even close.

All in all I would say it was amusing, but you have to consider that I included the Outtakes as one of my reasons why this one is worth watching...

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