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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sometimes the answer is "Just because"...

Hmm... I didn't realize that a week had passed since I did this this or that post, to which I had ONE response. (Thanks DaveO!) Was having trouble choosing a couple tonight, but here goes:

1. Lasagne (Because of the added bonus of melted cheese.)

2. White Wine (Because it is easier to find a White Wine that tastes half decent than a red wine, plus... it includes Champagne.)

3. Burrito (Because you can buy them frozen and nuke them. Plus... refried beans and cheese.)

4. Tea (Because there are more options with tea, and it can be imbibed also without dairy if need be, whereas coffee just can't.)

5. Shepherd's Pie (Because it just IS better.)

6. Pizza (This was difficult, but you can cover all four food groups in Pizza.)

7. Noodles (Again, more options than with rice... and because... instant Ramen.)

8. Dried Apricots (Funny, I prefer Dried Apricots over fresh, but I prefer Grapes over Raisins.)

9. Doughnut (Cinnamon Sugar... need I say more? How about Chocolate covered, Glazed, Chocolate Sprinkles, Raspberry or Lemon filled...)

10. Mashed Potatoes (Just because)

11. Bread (Options, options... readily available... fast... butter, peanut butter, cheese, cold cuts... )

12. Oatmeal (Because it makes your tummy feel warm and cozy.)


DaveO said...

Dried apricots.... well played Canadienne. Very well played...

Spockgirl said...

Why thank you... thank you very much.

Ralphd00d said...

1. Lasagne - especially a meat lasagne, because meat and cheese in layers with pasta is awesome.

2. I would pick neither wine - I am not a wine drinker. Five me a beer anyday, or a good whiskey or scotch

3. Burrito - Like you said, the re-heatableness of them are great, and usually easier/cleaner to eat.

4. Tea or Coffee - if hot, coffee, if cold tea

5. Shepherd's Pie or Meatloaf - hard choice, but I'll go with the Shepherd's pie as it has veggies in it (my wife's version does)

6. Pizza - hands down
7. Noodles - rice is good filler, but I feel noodles can mix in things better than rice

8. Raisins - I never have cared for apricots
9. Doughnut or Cupcake - neither. After working at a cake store, and a donut shop (2 different places) I cannot stand the taste of either

10. Mashed Potato - because corn and Hamburger Helper sit on top of it better

11. Pasta - doesn't go moldy as fast as bread....

12. Cereal - I buy mine already sugar mixed in

Spockgirl said...

Thanks for doing this one Ralphd00d. Some interesting reasoning behind your choices.