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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eating... This or That?

Been a while since I've done this type of thing, and the readership has dropped, so I don't know if anyone who stops by will participate:
1. Spaghetti or Lasagne?
2. Red or White Wine?
3. Fajita or Burrito?
4. Tea or Coffee?
5. Shepherd's Pie or Meatloaf?
6. Pizza or Nachos?
7. Rice or Noodles?
8. Raisins or Dried Apricots?
9. Doughnut or Cupcake?
10. Mashed Potato or Baked?
11. Pasta or Bread?
12. Cereal or Oatmeal?

Ah... my brain just crapped out on me, so that's all I've got...


DaveO said...

1. Lasagne
2. Red Wine
3. Burrito
4. Coffee
5. Shepherd's Pie
6. Pizza
7. Noodles
8. Raisins
9. Cupcake
10. Mashed Potato
11. Pasta
12. Oatmeal

Spockgirl said...

Thanks for doing this. I am having great difficulty in making a decision on a couple of them. You figure I would have had a better idea of my answers before I asked the questions...

DaveO said...

Hey, it's FOOD. I'm all about the food.