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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A stoned zombie with a hangover...hmm...

So very cold... even bundled up. Don't feel as bad today, however I have now developed a cough that sounds rather bronchial and feels as though my throat is being ripped out. I went for that walk Sunday night which didn't help the way I thought it would, and earlier this evening I went for another to get some fresh air and capture the sunset. Didn't go to the regularly scheduled sporting activity last night as I figured it would be rather difficult considering that it felt as though my head was in a different dimension than my body. Couldn't quite breathe properly which was cause for the ongoing headsqiush situation. All in all, I haven't been feeling that crappy, just something akin to a stoned zombie with a hangover. And... again, that is without the benefit of alcohol, drugs OR medication. Nice. Stomach has been loudly protesting something as well, but I'm pretty much used to that. Oh... but I got tonnes of pictures from the walk. No squirrels or bears however.

More to follow at some point, but I should probably settle my stomach and maybe try to breathe sleep. And yay! I'm hungry, but shouldn't eat anything at this hour.
Mr. Sandman don't bring me a dream... sleep will do just fine.

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