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Thursday, January 30, 2014

This little bit of me...

This little blog of mine has been in decline for some time, as has my brain, which is one of the contributing factors to said decline. I  just noticed on the sidebar that I had hit 1600 posts, which is pretty amazing coming upon my fourth blogiversary in March this year.
I kind of miss my brain and the way it used to think, but I do hope to have it back some day. Although I never thought of this place being much in the big scheme of things, in retrospect I think it has been more therapeutic than anything, allowing me to share and vent to some extent, things for which there was no other venue. I do not know where my brain went, or how it took me to the places I did go, and soon I will forget everything that I have written here. This I know. The great thing is that as long as the internet exists, if Blogger exists, servers exist, the data exists, Google and  other search engines exist, this little bit of me will remain to be found again. 


Harvey said...

And even if all those go away, as long as the Internet Archive exists, we all exist:

Spockgirl said...

That's kind of cool. It would appear that the Wayback machine was very busy taking snapshots of my page back in June 2012.