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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stuck in my head again...

So I was watching a movie last month (Red 2) and a kick-ass scene came up (Helen Mirren, 2 guns, fast car - no more need be said), and the song playing in that scene sounded so familiar, yet I could not place it. I know that I googled it thereafter and found it to be the song above, by a band whose first album I thought was most excellent, but afterwards pretty much everything sounded the same. They did redeem themselves a bit, but I only remember one other album that was decent. Anyway... tonight... this came to mind again, so on a whim I went into the dresser filled with CDs (in alphabetical order by artist, which helps a lot) and rooted through five or six with their name on it... Lo and behold, I found the CD that I had forgotten about. I guess I had also forgotten that it had a couple other songs that I liked on it, one of them even having been included in another movie soundtrack. It is just the way my mind works... or doesn't.

It's a good song, great energy, and it does actually address and/or reflect some personal issues. It is one of those "I'm alive!" songs. So... why then, could I not remember it? Is it simply because it didn't stand out, because it wasn't unique, or something else? Someone recently said to me "Some Metallica fan you are..." because I didn't make a connection between the band and a comment that was made about one of their albums. (Metallica being one of my favourite bands of all time...) I don't know... the information is either there and I just can't access the file in my head, or perhaps it has been arbitrarily deleted. I'm leaning more towards it being just like memories of my life, that in the same manner, the music and musical references have been archived and locked away in the dusty recesses of my brain cabinet and I cannot find the key.

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