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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

If you were a woman...

Would you prefer:
1. One rose
2. A dozen roses
3. Eighteen roses
4. Two dozen roses

Does the above quantity depend on the occasion?

Does the colour of the roses depend on:
1. One's favourite colour
2. The occasion for which the roses are given
3. The person giving the roses

Which of the following combinations would you prefer:
1. Chocolates and a rose
2. Chocolates and roses
3. Chocolates, roses and champagne
4. Dinner out
5. Dinner out with chocolates, roses and champagne
6. Dinner in
7. Dinner in with chocolates, roses and champagne

Does the quality of chocolates matter?

Does the quality of champagne matter?

Does the choice of restaurant matter?

If budget is an issue, would you take this into consideration and amend your preferences accordingly?
My head now hurts.

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