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human nature, genetic inadequacies and hormonal imbalances wreak havoc.

Monday, January 27, 2014


There is something seriously wrong if:
1.  The only thing that makes your heart beat is
     speeding up the Tetris blocks and losing.
2.  Doing poorly at Sudoku makes you question
     your very existence.
3.  "It could be worse" is tantamount to saying
     "I'm stuck here for the rest of my life."
4.  You stare into the distance knowing that
      there is something out there for you, but
      that you can't have it.
5.  Your 80 year old dad has more of a social
      life than you do.
6.  The highlight of your day is the possibility
      of having a McDouble.
7.  You wonder where your brain has gone
     and you find yourself staring at the floor.


DaveO said...

8. Reading the Wikipedia biography of Flavor Flav. Because it's more interesting that the Scooby Doo Meets Jerry Reed cartoon that's on.

Spockgirl said...

How do you come up with these things? I have not heard the name Flavour Flav in a very, very long time. How DO you spend your free time? Maybe I don't want to know.