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Monday, April 14, 2014

69 years ago...


DaveO said...

What the lieutenant found is 100 pounds of effed up stuffed into a 1 ounce bag.

And here I'd barely recovered from the tale of the Anchovy.

Still, thank you for the reminder.

Spockgirl said...


Yes, and then you hear tell of people who believe it didn't happen at all.

As for anchovies... I guess you have tried them then. Most times, when I try something new, I think to myself... it can't be THAT bad, but in this particular case... yes, yes it can.

It does seem strange to mix these two matters into one comment space, don't you think?

DaveO said...

Not necessarily strange: each is nausea-inducing, if for different reasons. Now, if you'd've compared the horror of the article to an Ottowa Senators win, that would be strange, even obscene.

Spockgirl said...

Ah... the anchovies I had were done in such a manner as to be not quite nausea inducing, hence I did not make the connection.