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Monday, March 3, 2014

In like a lion...

The end of February was beautiful and sunny...

March however was a different story. Fourteen inches of snow in two days, it lived up to its fierce reputation.

(Same tree as the first image.)
Today, the third day, we are already in meltdown. Huge piles of snow and miniature lakes adorn the streets. Shoveling snow this morning, clearing the corner drains this afternoon, and digging out a lady's car that had been snowed under and plowed in, took two pairs of snowboots, two jackets, two pairs of gloves, one pair of mittens and three pairs of socks out of commission just today. By late afternoon the snow was a little bit heavier (understatement) than normal (but not quite as much as last year) and as such I used some muscles that weren't quite used to such usage. Although I was soaked to the bone twice and a half, and said unused muscles rather tight, oddly enough it was both tiring and somewhat invigorating. I am glad that I didn't catch a chill, and am thankful that I didn't blow my back out again as I did a few years ago.

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