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Monday, March 31, 2014

A couple seconds more and...

I almost forgot about this...
On Saturday, I decided to splurge on pizza. It was just a personal size, but instead of my cheap standard "just cheese", I went with the new Nacho flavour with a thin crust. But pizza is not what this is about. I ordered it by phone, looked at the clock and figured I would leave at 7:05. I ran about a minute or two over, so I walked rather briskly up the street towards the pizza establishment. As I was hurrying along, I heard a small "splat"... and stopped in my tracks to see that the "splat" was bird poop hitting the ground a few inches in front of me. I felt my hair to make sure that none had made contact and breathed a sigh of relief. If I had been but a second or two earlier, that would have landed square on my head instead of on the ground before my foot.
Fast forward to today when I was putting on the same boots, when I got outside into the sunlight, I noticed something white on the toe of my right boot. I tried to scrape it off with the other boot, but it did not want to budge. Yes, that's how close it had been.

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