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I took this on a high school trip back in the 80s.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The year of living dangerously?

New Year's Day:
I had just finished a load of dark coloured laundry and was putting another load in the washer, but of lighter colours. I didn't have anywhere close to a full load, so I added a couple of white shirts that didn't require bleach... There still wasn't a full load, so I went looking for something else to add and all I could find was a black fleece robe and a fleece-lined shirt, both of which should have been washed in the "gentle" cycle separately with dark colours.

I did it all together anyways... on "normal" cycle... with "regular" laundry detergent.


DaveO said...


Spockgirl said...


DaveO said...

Pauvre pauvre femme. Ne saviez-vous pas que Goth a disparu, Hello Kitty est la bombe?

Pink and pigtails are your future, Princess SGeia. Come to the Darkest side.

Spockgirl said...

You are a strange one...