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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Distant yet mindful...

I have been feeling rather distant... leaning away from here and there. The thing is, when one already feels "disconnected", what happens when one then begins to feel distant?
A little old lady who walked with a walker, and with whom I would exchange a smile and hello on passing in the street, was hit by a vehicle the other day. She died. I was walking past her house the night after and it was strange seeing the light on in her living room and knowing she wasn't there.
An old high school friend of my brother's died last year of a heart attack, I think he was 47. His mom just passed away.
I am mindful.


To remember and honour the fallen since last time...

UK (6) (4 of these were from Sep, Oct and Nov)
US (Virginia (2), Florida, Texas (2),
       Pennsylvania, New York (2),
       Louisiana, Ohio


Another insider attack (ANA) ... he looked so young. Speaking of young. Oh, and yet another insider attack on... of all days... Remembrance Day... doing of all things... playing soccer.

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