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Monday, January 21, 2013

So how exciting was it?

Okay... so... since I had taken photos and sort of forgot about them, and further to posing this question, after the walk home, I thought I was going to have this for dinner
but I ended up splurging on this (with enough for leftovers the next day)

.... then enjoying a cup of this 
... and nearing midnight poured this into a flute
A cheap German "champagne" that I've had for a few years along with a few others (various countries of origin) that I had bought for the turn of the century (the big 1999 millenial) that I never did open. I should have had something sweeter. This probably would have been better with the Chinese food at dinner. Anyways... the bottle is still sitting in the fridge... three weeks later.
I usually spend my New Year's Eve with Vin Diesel, but was thinking of going with Hellboy instead. Go figure... the DVD wouldn't play.


DaveO said...

The kimchee bowl is my stopgap if I forget my lunch. 3/4 of the packet - full packet is just too spicey for me.

Spockgirl said...

Wha? Too spicy? No way... Too much sodium, but not too spicy.