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Monday, May 29, 2017

Wherever I may roam...

It got a little sweaty out there today, working in the yard in the morning and then this evening, as well as the walk to the office and home. I was running out of clothes to unsweatify in, so went to look for something comfortable to slip into. The other day, I had pulled a storage box from the closet which had summer clothes in it, so went to see what I could grab from there. Peeking out from a ziploc bag? Concert t-shirt... Metallica... I recall it was May... but what year? Turns out it was 1992... 25 years and 5 days ago... Crazy.... doesn't seem that long ago, but also seems like a lifetime... I had cut the sleeves off when I first got it, but the fabric is in great shape. Perfect.

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