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Sunday, June 11, 2017

LIfe after 50...

Just over two months ago I turned 50. In celebration of this fact, I had yet another scan, an ultrasound, a sleep apnea test (which I knew it wasn't, but they had to rule it out), more bloodwork and an angiogram. Next up? Heart Bypass Surgery. Five blockages, two of which are 100%. The damage has been done, and there was no point in just doing stents. So after almost a year of all these tests, this is the outcome. When asked a somewhat odd question by a friend, I responded with "Not too keen about it, but the other option would be death, so not really much else one can do."

So this shall be my summer vacation.

All I can say is... so much for not smoking or drinking all my life and for being active through most of it.

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