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Saturday, March 16, 2013


On Christmas Day, after dinner at my place, I was sitting with a relative as she was waiting for her kids to finish watching a movie. She said she was "bored"... and somehow we got to talking about current events, including the Sandy Hook massacre, and she brought up the issue of gun control. The need for more gun control. At some point, the boy came into the room to see what we were "fighting" about, but returned to the movie after realizing that we were only in a debate of sorts. During the conversation, I stated my position and made my point, but there was no wavering on the other side. My point is, that in reality, there will always be criminals and madmen (and crazy women) in this world. They will always find a way to do their evil. There will not always be someone to come and save you. We must always have a means with which to defend ourselves and those close to us. What I don't understand is how can a parent not wish to have that option, to have the freedom, the means, and the ability with which to defend oneself and one's children should the need arise?
Most conversations are had and then fade with the passage of time, as with most of my memories. This one however has stayed with me. Then, a while back I saw a link to this video, watched it a couple times and saved it, with no idea how to apply it until tonight.

YouTubeLink (Views when I originally watched it: 304,685)

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