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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

No go...

My passport expires in 2017. The whole point of wasting money on the damn thing was so that I would actually go somewhere so that I wouldn't have wasted money on the damn thing. So far, no go. (See what I did there?) I guess when I was younger, I just figured that I would go places. I got my first passport to go on a high school trip to France. Two weeks. You had to get a new one issued every five years, so I did that. I went on two vacations in the 90s. After that.. nothing. And then on a whim, I decided to splurge on the new one in 2012, because ... I figured I was going places. And then more twists and turns in life (ie having to borrow more money to pay for things that weren't expected nor planned on) laid a heavy hand on any thoughts of travel. Last year it was the hot water tank that died, and then in December the washer and dryer needed to be replaced. Still haven't had the dental work done that the dentist recommended three years ago. Things don't look very promising. Oh... the other point of getting a new passport was the off-chance that I would get out to meet a fellow blogger.

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