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Friday, January 29, 2016

Never noticed it before...

Something caught my ear the other day whilst watching a movie. I'd seen it several times over the years, having it on both VHS from somewhen, as well as on DVD. A lot of military portrayed in the movie, but, it being science-fiction, I hadn't really paid much attention. From just watching it the first time, way back, I knew that Steve is a pilot and had applied to NASA, but was turned down. This time, I caught in dialogue, that he introduces himself as ... US Marine Corps. Later on, I see the wings on his chest. He also introduces himself a second time as US Marine Corps. I just found it odd.

(I think it makes a big difference watching a movie on a laptop that is right in front of your face, as opposed to on a tv screen, or in a movie theatre. Sure, you might catch things, but then you also miss out on the all around movie experience.)

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