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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

To cursive or not to cursive...

To have a talent and passion for a craft, as well as the dedication, drive and work ethic with which to follow it through to its glorious conclusion, or perhaps, put simply, to find one's calling. For some, like myself, it is but a non-existent dream. For others, like this young man, it is reality with a bold flourish. May he continue to inspire others with his beautiful work.

“By doing the different tactile movements of forming the individual letters, and linking those letters one to another, and then putting those words into a context of a sentence, you are actually engraining the information in your brain.”  Jake Weidmann

And then watching it again, I came across this...

"It is not technology that is the direct enemy of the pen... it is our dependency on technology... And the greater we grow our dependency on technology, what we may soon find is that we have created the most technologically advanced way of creating illiteracy." Jake Weidmann

I may have touched on a similar subject a few years ago.

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