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Saturday, August 29, 2015


Once again I'd fallen into the pit of nothingness in my head. No music, no movies, no walking. Barely going out. Granted the three month heatwave did have something to do with it, or perhaps just made it worse. 30 Celsius INside the house was countered only by one fan in the kitchen and one desk fan in the bedroom, with no windows to open in order to push the warm air around. I pretty much stayed immobile within the bubble of the fan, being that upon rising, one was enveloped by the slow crush of hot air. Then rain to end the drought. Then finally the temperature at night started to cool. Then the days were not so hot, but due to the humidity, it didn't seem to have changed much at all. And now the province-wide campfire ban seems to have been lifted.
During the hottest weeks, as the house heated up gradually throughout the day, which ended in an almost suffocating closeness in the evening, a stroke of brilliance hit me, wherein I determined the best course of action was to lie down on the kitchen floor, under the fan, watching movies on the laptop. It was also during this time that I discovered how lucky guys are to be able to go shirtless in the summer. What a wondrous thing it is to make pancakes in your underwear and to drink cold milk straight from the jug.

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