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Friday, August 20, 2010

Introduction to Metallica

Of the music that I used to listen to just out of high school, Metallica is one of the bands that I still have great fondness for after all these years. I saw them in concert twice in the 90s (when I was stilll going to concerts), stuck with them through their experimental stage (Load and to an extent Reload), and was pleasantly surprised when they found their centre again with St. Anger and Death Magnetic. I would have liked to write some sort of long tribute to them, however I will forego that for now.

As I was doing some editing today, I noticed that I had written the words "sad, but true" (name of one of their songs) at the end of a paragraph, and that is what lead me to this post. For whatever reason, I went online to peruse the Metallica universe, and in doing so was brought back to one of my favourite songs "Nothing Else Matters". Yes, it is a ballad, but no, I was not, and am not, just appreciative of their "softer" stuff.

To make this a little more interesting, I also wanted to show you what their music has spawned. You might want to listen to it in this order... or not... your choice:
Eight year old boy
Four Finnish cellists

So this concludes your introduction to Metallica. Mine, so many years ago, was with their song "Battery", which by the way, I can barely remember now.

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