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Saturday, March 17, 2018

I'm still alive...

The half century mark of my life proved to be uneventful to say the least, and the year ended on a somewhat anti-climactic note, recovering after the open-heart surgery near the end of September, and spending Christmas visiting dad in hospital out of town. Life is funny that way, but I must acknowledge that if anything worked out, it was the timing of it all. I recovered well enough to shovel snow when it fell, and did it ever in a short period of time. I recovered well enough to be able to walk to the hospital to see dad when he was back in town. The other thing? My niece made it home for the holidays and got to see her Grandpa whilst she was here. As for life being funny,  dad had made it back to the hospital at home after the new year, but passed away unexpectedly in January. The last thing I said to him? "I'll see you tomorrow dad."  He died the next morning, before I got there.

As far as timing goes, I had three part-time jobs last year, with the third one having come up out of the blue, and ending in time before the surgery. I was, and still am, trying to figure out what I am going to do with my life, which I had to do when I turned 40, and yet again at 50... but hey...  I'm still alive... Speaking of alive... I've been hanging out here since March 7, 2010, so I just passed my eight year blogiversary. I haven't posted anything for over a month, but ... I'm still alive... I had my passport renewed a few years ago, after having not been anywhere for over 20 years  I still haven't gone anywhere. I was supposed to make use of it last year, however that didn't quite work out, but... I'm still alive... 

I don't know anything, but I will get that damn passport stamped this year. (Oh, but of course, that will most likely be after we sort through the over 53 years of accumulated life memories and belongings in dad's house.)

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