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Friday, August 19, 2016


Oh... thou art humourous... The wacky, humourous universe never fails...

It seemed as though a Metallica song had perhaps played out in my life... but perplexingly, I was squished like a little fly on the wall... Then, I typed some words to reflect this here, and I realized today that almost two weeks to the day, I deactivated my Facebook account. Pretty funny...

The other funny part is that in the time that I have been off of Facebook, I have on at least four or five occasions, happened to look at the clock, whether it be on the kitchen stove, cellphone or laptop, morning, or night, at 11:11, and also 1:11. This used to happen with more frequency starting about five years ago, but had faded out in the past year or two. I know there are some theories as to the significance of this occurrence, however I am not inclined to take stock in any one of them just yet. I just approach it as a twilight zone moment being that it is rarely, if ever, one of divine enlightenment. (Today would have been a double-whammy, as I happened to look at the time at 11:11 and then 12:12, which oddly enough is exactly 1 hour and 1 minute past 11:11.)

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