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human nature, genetic inadequacies and hormonal imbalances wreak havoc.

Friday, July 8, 2016

What do you do...

... when the universe sets in motion an elaborate plan to make you believe something which you always knew to be impossible, then quietly pulls the magic carpet out from beneath your feet, and you plummet back to the cold, dark reality of your non-existent life?


Inner Prop said...

I felt this way in 2008 when I read a Scientific American article about the arrow of time. There was something about the article that destroyed my personal "theology" of a sort of GOD of the gaps.

The gap was removed and I had to reevaluate, I'm still reevaluating. I also went to look for others to join my quest (I especially seek the ones with cookies).

Spockgirl said...

Ah... my reality check had to do with interpersonal human relations. I simply have to fall back on my previous personal views regarding same, whilst also re-evaluating, in excruciating detail, existence on Earth. Ice cream and cookies may be involved in this endeavour.