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Monday, February 29, 2016

A dream guide or bad omen?

I had an odd dream this morning. I've been having an increased number of dreams as well, but unlike ones in the past, most lately seem like real life situations rather than dreams. This morning however, just seemed ... different. I was outside, changing clothes and/or putting boots on, and to my right, I saw a youngish lady walking with a bicycle, shouting profanities at no one in particular, and talking more to herself than another person. From behind me on the left side, a very large black shepherd approached and lay down on the ground at my feet. In doing so, he lay on top of my boot, so I had to pull it out from under him. Whilst bending down to get it, I said to him something like "be careful of that one". There was no sense of danger, or fear. I finished what I was doing and gave him a hug. I could actually feel the long, fluffy yet bristly hair. I woke up right then with a sense of calm. Thinking on it further, I wondered if it was a black wolf and not a shepherd, due to his size and the thick coat. I don't know.

Was this a dream guide? Was it an omen of death, mine or someone else, or of an impending transition? I did not feel ill at ease at all, so perhaps it was just coming to terms with my mortality.

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